Hemp Fine with armrest




The shell of the Hemp Fine is made entirely of natural materials. The chair is fully recycable, 100% biobased and  made with natural waste materials.


  • seat made of 100% plant-based materials: hemp and plant-based resin
  • shell finished with linseed oil
  • four-legged metal frame with armrest
  • the chair is stackable


  • hemp fibre shell
  • metal parts frame base epoxy black
  • fabric choice cushion various fabric groups; in accordance with colour chart


  • seat cushion fabric group (available for all models)
  • felt gliders
  • armrest with cover
  • metal parts frame base epoxy black, for other colors please contact us.

Additional information


Transport in the Netherlands:
1) Collection from Plantics B.V., Westervoortsedijk 73 BF, 6827 AV Arnhem, the Netherlands
2) Delivery, costs per load €70 (fixed rate up to 10 pieces)
3) For larger quantities more than 10 pieces, please contact Plantics B.V.


This project is funded through the Top Section Energy Subsidy from the Ministery of Economic Affairs.