Cookie & Privacy Policy

Cookie Policy
Plantics only uses functional cookies for a properly functioning website and to be able to process your order correctly.
Google Analytics normally provides insight into the behavior of visitors by collecting personal data. Plantics has, however, disabled these functions. We have also set up Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly way in accordance with the guidelines of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data.

Our website does not use any cookies that collect, store or share data that can be traced back to an identifiable person. A cookie notification is therefore not necessary.
Most browsers are default set to accept cookies, but you can change your browser settings to block certain cookies. Without the above functional cookies, however, it is possible that our website will not function as well as it should.

Privacy Policy
When you order products from Plantics, we ask you to provide certain personal details. We need this information to process your order and deliver the product you have ordered.
The personal data that Plantics requests and processes are:
- first and last name
- address
- email address
- phone number
- payment details

When you send Plantics an email, we may save that message. Sometimes we ask for personal details that are relevant to the order in question. This makes it possible to process and answer your questions.
Plantics will handle your data with care. All data is stored on Plantics' own secure servers. Plantics will not retain your data any longer than necessary, unless a longer retention period is prescribed by law.
Inspection of personal data

At any time you can request to see your personal data that is processed by Plantics, change it and, if desired, have it removed. To do this, please send an email to:
Provision of data to third parties

Plantics will only provide your data to third parties if that is necessary for processing your order. If the order needs to be shipped, we will give your details to the carrier so that the product can be delivered to your home.
Plantics also does not provide any data to third parties, unless we are obliged to do so by law.